Tax advisory

In tax issues our opinion is always well-considered and justified. We think 2-3x before we provide a conclusion.

Tax advisory services
Taxpayer's and and its structural unit's registration
Request of the SRS opinion
Tax audit at the client's request
Tax calculation and tax fillings preparation
Tax due diligence
Tax management
Registration of a permanent establishment
Tax risk assessment

There are 16 taxes in force in Latvia: Value Added Tax (VAT), Mandatory State Social Insurance Contributions (MSSIC), Microenterprise Tax, Solidarity Tax, Electricity Tax, Immovable property tax, Vehicle Operation Tax, Company Car Tax, Subsidised Electricity Tax, Excise Duties, Natural Resources Tax, Personal Income Tax (PIT), Lottery and Gambling Tax, Real Estate Tax, Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and Charges. Each tax has its own regulatory basis. Taxpayers may also be bound by the regulations of the European Union, and it is also possible to apply the tax incentives provided for in international agreements.

The application of tax norms is always a complicated and multifaceted issue for both company management and private individuals, as not only the calculation of taxes is becoming more complicated, but the scope of taxpayers' responsibilities is becoming wider, especially in connection with cross-border transactions and the movement of employees. The business environment is also changing, as the development of technology in some sectors provides the opportunity to remotely employ residents of other countries, which creates additional complications in the application of taxes.

Already for 20 years Orients Audit & Finance team of certified tax professionals provides strong support to the clients on their path to the application of effective legal taxation solutions in all of the above-mentioned taxes. We provide tax advice to both Latvian and foreign legal entities and individuals (residents and non-residents). In cooperation with the extensive experience of the members of Integra International association, we also offer a global perspective on cross-border tax regulation. Our team provides tax advice both on the day-to-day questions and implements complex corporate tax projects.

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