Financial Management

We evaluate financial performance across the client's business management activities and provide actionable suggestions for improvement.

Financial management consulting
Budgeting: budget planning, execution and control
Determination and analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Audit of the internal data flow and control system
Practical recommendations for increasing operational efficiency
Forecasting the impact of strategic decisions on cash flow and profitability
Creation of dashboards
Profitability ratio analysis, tips the improvements
Creation of financial reports and its automation
Business data analysis with the help of a data analysis tool (PowerBi, Excel, Python, SQL)

We treat Financial management as a business TRANSFORMATION tool.

Financial management is critical for companies of any size - it is one of the basic components of successful business growth and the achievement of long-term goals.

Financial management is an engine for stable and sustainable company growth. The Orients Audit & Finance team offers professional support in Financial Management.

It's easier to start with small steps to achieve big goals. 

We will support your successful business transformation by:

  • improving internal processes and controls, 
  • organizing data flows,
  • gaining a deeper understanding of the company's operations from the financial side.

Our expertise covers successfully completed projects on the implementation of PowerBI, Excel, Python and SQL in the company's operational data analysis process, the automation of financial reports and the creation of a dashboard for effective and timely data analysis.

Effective decision-making requires a foundation, which today is data. We have extensive experience in working with big data in the field of finance and ESG. Within the projects, we help our clients organize the data flows of internal systems, develop a practical data analysis solution and implement it in real life, and convert financial and sustainability reporting data into iXBRL format.

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The quality of your data has crucial effect.